Sports and nature

The things to do in Val Viola are plenty and varied depending on the season.
During summer you'll be able to discover how to live life in close contact with mother nature: enjoy trekking and climbing with different routes of varied difficulty, awe-inspiring mountain bike tours and so much more. If you prefer winter and the snow, you are in for a treat: snow shoes walking, alpine and nordic skiing are just a few of your available possibilities.

Trekking and Nordic Walking

This suggestive valley with its many alpine lakes is the ideal place for exciting excursions or quiet walks with family and friends. In Val Viola we walk in nature, on more or less demanding routes.
From Baita Caricc it is possible to reach Livigno, Val Grosina and Switzerland (Val di Campo - Sfazù).

Mountaineering trips

  • Cima Viola - 3.374 m
  • Cima di Lago Spalmo - 3.294 m
  • Cima Saoseo - 3.265 m
  • Sasso di Conca - 3.145 m
  • Pizzo Dosdè - 3.280 m
  • Corno Dosdè - 3.114 m
  • Pizzo della Valle - 2.986 m
  • Pizzo Zembrasca - 3.050 m
  • Monte Forcellina - 3.087 m
  • Monte Foscagno 3.058 m
  • Corno La Resa - 2.862 m
  • Punta Val Nera - 2.754 m
  • Punta d'Avedo - 3.129 m
  • Cima di Verva - 2.826 m
  • Cima di Selva


  • Lago Viola - 2.250 m
  • Lago di Forbesana - 2.650 m
  • Lago di Selva - 2.522 m
  • Lago Calosso - 2.303 m
  • Lago delle Acque Sparse - 2.022 m
  • Capanna Dosdè - 2.950 m
  • Bivacco Caldarini - 2.450 m
  • Passo di Val Viola - 2.450 m
  • Passo di Verva - 2.314 m
  • Passo delle Mine

Do you love trail running? Near the Baita Caricc Farmhouse you will be able to test your skills in the Trail Run Alta Valtellina route, 20.8 km long with 710 m of height gain, on the paths, tracks and roads of Val Viola.

Another way to discover Val Viola and its paths is by Nordic Walking, an ideal discipline for those who love to enjoy nature in good company.

Mountain Bike

E-bikes too

Val Viola is filled to the brim with lovely little off road paths, where you can enjoy mountain biking immersed in nature. Here it is possible to bike both at a professional level and with family and kids, thanks to the wide variety of different paths available.

Horse riding

Due to the flat nature of a lot of the mostly accessible paths, it is possible to take these elegant animals for a long ride in the country-side.


Val Viola presents great opportunities for those who love climbing, offering a chance to everyone to enjoy some unforgettable moments in maximum security.


If you love fishing then you are in luck, cause our stream and lakes offer a huge amount of fun for you during the summer.

Snow shoes

Val Viola is full of natural beauty and amazing views, the perfect place for unforgettable winter excursions with snow shoes.

Nordic skiing

To skiers without the technical or physical skills for alpine skiing here's a great alternative, available to nearly everybody, as it doesn't require the same amount of training and technical ability. A wide variety of nordic skiing disciplines exist, like cross-country skiing, where sealskins are used to “walk” on the snow without sliding, as sealskins allow great grip on every type of snow.

Alpine skiing

During the winter it is possible to organize alpine skiing days in the surrounding mountains, using our farmhouse as a starting and/or end point for your excursions.

Fat Bike

Thanks to the ease with which it is possible to reach the lodge during the winter it is possible to organize fat-bike trips starting from località Arnoga and reaching our lodge. The length of the route is about 5.5 km.

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